About Me

Katie Lloyd

My name is Katie Lloyd. I am a visual artist working within the mediums of watercolor, acrylic, and pen. My artworks combine elements of drawing and painting because I take my time to explore the textures and layers of paint on the substrate.  By using use emotive, saturated color and gradients of light, I aim to create an essence of the divine in my work.

My style is representational and figurative in nature. And influenced by themes of gender, identity, sexuality, nature, beauty and the female experience. So, I desire to empower the viewer, and influence their perception of beauty by encouraging them to seek a viewpoint outside of the orthodox social constructs. 

This narrative is evident in my artworks depicting the reproductive system of the female body and plant kingdom. On the other hand, My artworks of animals are intended to remind us of the character. And the beauty of all sentient creatures on earth, and how our choices and actions affect all living beings.

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