Visionary artist exploring the Divine Feminine and the natural world.

Beauty, womankind, nature and feminism are key themes that run throughout my practice. I am particularly interested in exploring the Divine Feminine and the Yoni.

Within my technique I use watercolour, acrylic, and ink, to build up emotive, saturated layers of pigment and gradients of light. I seek to explore and create an essence of the Divine sacred landscape within my work. 

Yoni Art

Yoni flowers

I create sacred Yoni art as an empowering, liberating celebration of the vulva. 

Shaking off the impact of societal erasure, censorship, and the patriarchy my work allows women to embrace their beauty and magick, free from repression, shame and judgement.

By removing the vulva from ‘the male gaze’ the artwork is viewed without erotic objectification and hyper sexualisation.

The Yoni can then be seen as a sacred portal to the divine

Commission An Artwork

Women around the globe are seeking authentic representation of their bodies, illustrating their divine beauty and nature… Perfect just as they are.

Yoni portraits are painted from photos or on occasion from a live sitting. Click HERE for more information.