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    • Yoni Art Prints

      Coming into light, Fine Art Print

      ‘Coming into light’ depicts two iris flowers and two yoni buds. The flowers are surrounded by an abundance of teal blues, purples, and greens hues.

      There is a feeling of a sunrise as the flowers are illuminated by a morning light blue reaching into the sky.

      My aim is to dispel the common idea of the image of the vulva being obscene, …

    • Original Art

      Golden Falena Original Artwork

      Original Artwork
      31cm (W) x 22cm (H) x 0.1cm (D)

      Watercolour Paint and metallic gold ink on paper – Unframed

      Golden Falena was inspired by the beauty of the Elephant Hawk Moth and the beautiful Bearded Iris.

    • Yoni Art Prints

      Procreation Yoni Art, Giclee Fine Art Print

      Procreation is a comment on procreation and gender of humans, flowering plants, and fungi.

      Interestingly fungi have a very peculiar way to procreate. It has the capacity to self reproduce, or replicate itself, needing no external stimulation to do so. However, the mushroom can also choose to mate with another within its species if it so wishes.

      Flowers hold both ovaries and …

    • Yoni Art Prints

      Yoni Mandala, Giclee Art Print

      Yoni Mandala’s original artwork was painted with acrylic paint on canvas and was hung on stage as the backdrop for a Vagina Monologues, a performance originally written and performed by Even Ensler.





    • Yoni Art Prints

      Yoni Nectar Vulva Painting Fine Art Print

      Yoni Nectar Print – original artwork painted with acrylic on canvas.

      Three yoni flowers, in different stages of openness, are growing in a field of other blooms, reaching up to the divine light of the Goddess.
      Yoni overflows with beauty and empowering goddess energy. A source of sexual pleasure and life, the Vulva or Yoni is the gateway to the womb, the …

    • Yoni Art Prints

      Yonis in Bloom Art Print

      Yoni’s in Bloom art print depicts two vulvas, in a garden of bearded Iris flowers, lotus flowers and other blooms. The Yoni flowers are surrounded by an abundance of teal blues, purples, and greens hues.

      There is a feeling of heavenly energy as the flowers are illuminated by pinks and golden yellow falling from the sky above.