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    • Yoni Art Prints

      Yoni Nectar Vulva Painting Fine Art Print

      Yoni Nectar Print – original artwork painted with acrylic on canvas.

      Three yoni flowers, in different stages of openness, are growing in a field of other blooms, reaching up to the divine light of the Goddess.
      Yoni overflows with beauty and empowering goddess energy. A source of sexual pleasure and life, the Vulva or Yoni is the gateway to the womb, the …

    • Yoni Art Prints

      Yonis in Bloom Art Print

      Yoni’s in Bloom art print depicts two vulvas, in a garden of bearded Iris flowers, lotus flowers and other blooms. The Yoni flowers are surrounded by an abundance of teal blues, purples, and greens hues.

      There is a feeling of heavenly energy as the flowers are illuminated by pinks and golden yellow falling from the sky above.