Rococo Womb Original Painting for Sale


Rococo Womb Original Painting
51 x 61 x 4 cm
Acrylic on canvas

Within this canvas, an intricate dance unfolds between the elegance of nature’s finest blooms and the ornate allure reminiscent of the Rococo era. In my most recent creation, inspired by the delicate beauty of my favorite flowers and the opulent ornamentation of the Rococo period, a vivid narrative takes shape. Through the harmonious arrangement of roses, frangipanis, daisies, an orchid, and a bearded Iris bloom, a symbolic portrayal emerges—one that illustrates the complexities of the female reproductive system.

With inspiration drawn from the lavish ornamentation of the Rococo period, this artwork pays homage to an era renowned for its ornate grandeur. Each brushstroke echoes the era’s attention to detail.

Contained within this Rococo womb original interpretation is a myriad of profound symbolism—a tribute to life’s inception, an acknowledgment of the indomitable spirit of the feminine, and a testament to art’s capacity to transcend conventional representation. This canvas invites contemplation of existence’s intricacies, inviting viewers to celebrate the intricate union between the marvels of the natural world and the artist’s impassioned creativity.

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Rococo Womb Original Painting
51 x 61 x 4 cm
Acrylic on canvas

This womb interpretation was inspired by my favourite flowers and the ornamentation of the Rococo time period. Here I have bought together roses, frangipanis, daisies, an orchid and a bearded Iris bloom to illustrate the womb, ovaries, fallopian tubes and the vulva.

The work is painted onto stretched canvas and is signed ready to hang.

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