Artists draw vaginas , as a tool of empowerment, for the owner of the vagina. Vagina, or ’Yoni Art’, is smashing the beauty standards set for what is beautiful and normal when it comes to genitalia. A full-powered stance on the oppression of sexuality and gender, Yoni art depicts the yoni in all its majestic beauty, power, mystery and uniqueness. 

Oppression of the female body can trace through history by looking at female representations in western art. The nude female has been depicting throughout the history of art:  through the vision of the male. The female nude imagery, by design, intended to celebrate the female body in relation to the male. The female sex organ omitted, for the sake of decency, whilst the male nude boldly shows his male genitalia. The shapely curves of the feminine figure are on display to meet the ideal of what is femininity (from the perspective of the male). However, her sacre sexual organ, her power, connection to the mysteries of creation are gone. 

This describes art created for the enjoyment and viewing pleasure of the male whilst robbing the female of her power. This is also know as ’the male gaze’ within art and is a signifier of a patriarchal society.

Finally, I would like to take a moment to acknowledge that Yoni art is a safe space for all Yoni’s or matter the gender you identify with or be it no gender at all. Every-body can celebrate, love and connect with the Yoni through Yoni art.