Pussy Power!

Your yoni is a sacred temple, her labia the temple gates.
Your yoni will be admired and honoured in sacred artworks seen around the globe, as a reverence to the divine feminine, and as a sacred symbol of empowerment.

THIS IS BIG! And we want to make sure your yoni is ready. 

What makes a great yoni photo? (for an artwork)

I have put together some information for you to read so you can get the best photo for use in an artwork. The quality of your photos will determine if your images are suitable for use in an artwork, so its important to get it right! Make sure you read all the way to the end as there is a Model agreement for you to complete.

I look for clear and very detailed images for my sacred yoni artworks. It’s tempting to send the most ‘beautiful’ looking shot….but definition and clarity is what we are aiming for.

If the idea of taking your yoni photo feels a bit daunting, it is ok. We have been conditioned into feeling that our yoni’s are not to be touched or seen, but to be hidden away…so these feelings are normal and natural, and can be over come as you step more and more into your yoni power!

I have put together a little ritual to help ready you and your yoni for this process… Take your time with it and remember;

There is no room for self judgement here….YOU ARE amazingly PERFECT, Yoni Art is a celebration of YOU!!!!!!!!

Setting your space and intention

Yoni Art is an act of honouring and worship of your yoni’s Divinity and majesty.

This is where we relax and prepare your temple. Make sure you are comfortable and in a relaxing, safe environment before you begin…

Perhaps in a comfy chair or propped up by pillows so you can see your yoni and are comfortable in your environment.

I like to put some calming music on and centre myself. Incense or sage may help set the mood, or, what ever you find helps you feel open and relaxed.

Check in with your body first.  You can do this through meditation, breath, or simply by placing one hand on your heart and one hand on your yoni and tuning into your body. (you may already have a ritual or process that is just right for you)

After using your breath to bring calm and relaxation, check in with your body and see if your yoni is ready to be seen and photographed, if not, spend some more time here.

I find it helpful to have a hand mirror available so you can see your beautiful yoni. When ready, try using some yoni safe massage or coconut oil to massage into your yoni. Warm it up a little first for comfort if need be. This can be a lovely relaxing way to explore and get ready for photos, the oil will also help catch the light and appear more sparkly and luminous!

Lighting and position

A well lit yoni is best, try with direct natural sunlight (a warming treat for your yoni) or light from a lamp or window. Perhaps try a few lighting variations and send them all through.

I would suggest to try lots of labia positions if your labia size will allow. Take some photos with your yoni closed like a flower bud, then in different stages of coming into bloom like a wildflower. Your legs need to be wide so your outer labia are not concealing your inner labia. Of course this will vary depending on your own unique yoni.  Let her shine!

Please make sure the shadow of the camera is not on your Yoni(!!) this can ruin an otherwise perfect photo.


Getting a good close up can take a few goes, especially if you are taking the photo yourself.

Hold the camera/phone as close as you can while making sure it is in focus (Tap the screen to focus the picture on a phone). This can make a huge difference in seeing if I can use your image or not. It might help to have your phone on a side table, or a camera tripod, and use a hands free timer function.

Here is a close up yoni photo example.. The image on the left is too far away and I won’t be able to see enough detail. The image on the right is a good close up showing lots of detail!!

Close up yoni photo

Below is an example of an out of focus image, and one with good clarity and detail. 

When you take your photos, zoom in to see if you can see all the little fine line details, changes in colour, folds and curves. 

In focus yoni photo

Camera Settings

The best photos are the ones that are taken with a decent camera. Most smart phone cameras can do a pretty good job, and they are a lot easier to manoeuvre if you are taking your own photos….

Have a good (great) friend or a partner? It can be really handy to have someone else take the photos for you, especially with a good camera, but you can totally do it on your own too! And it’s a lot of fun!

Have your camera set to a high definition/high resolution setting. If your not sure what that looks like, when you go to adjust the setting, choose the highest numbers.The large file size will take in more definition and That’s a good thing!!

iPhone, got to settings – camera – formats – choose High Efficiency

Below are some screenshots of how it looks on an Android phone.

Camera Setting

Use of Model Images

I seek a variety of vulvas, of all different shapes and sizes, ages and colours. These contributions are essential for me to be able to make my artworks. It is important to note, that there is no financial exchange for the images, or royalties paid on artworks produced.  

Models have the opportunity to purchase prints of any artworks made. This makes a much more affordable option than purchasing a commissioned original artwork. If the original artwork is for sale, the model has the first option to buy the original artwork.

Your privacy is at the up most importance to me, and I will never expose your identity as a contributor.


I have 3 requirements for models

1. You must be of the age of consent – no underage participants – no exceptions.
2. You can only submit your own yoni photos. I will not accept images from partners or friends etc.
3. I do not consent to receiving pictures of an explicit sexual nature or act
Consent is of the upmost importance to my work.

Model Release Form

Models need to sign and return a model release form to contribute. Download the form from the link below and return with your photos. 


Model Agreement PDF Katie Lloyd Artist


Sending me your images

When you are ready send through the images and model agreement to me.

It’s important you do not reduce the size of the images before sending. keep them full size please. You can send the files via;

Email: katielloydartist@gmail.com 

Dropbox: Name the folder with your name please.  katielloydartist@gmail.com 

We Transfer: We transfer is a free online file transfer service 


Ok, so are you ready to get snapping? Be bold, be brave and remember to have fun!

Love Katie.