Exploring the Sacred: The Evocative Art of Katie Lloyd

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Sacred Femininity

Celebrating the Beauty of the Yoni

Yoni Nectar vulva flowers in a garden acrylic painting
Yoni Nectar

The Language of Flowers

Beauty of the Bloom


Into the Wild

The Untamed Beauty of Animal Art

brightly coloured rooster painted in watercolour
Katie Lloyd Artist

A celebration of the Yoni

Step into the enchanting world of Katie Lloyd’s art and embark on a transformative journey of intimacy, self-discovery, and the vulva. 

Free from shame, judgment, and hyper-sexualisation, Katie champions the Yoni as a magnificent gateway between earth and spirit— portal to the divine.

Beyond her role as an yoni artist, Katie is a licensing artist, pattern designer, and art teacher. Her creative vision extends to mentoring and guiding others on their artistic journeys. With accolades including exhibitions during the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, Katie’s evocative storytelling has found a place in private and public collections worldwide.


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