Women around the globe are seeking authentic representation of their bodies, illustrating their divine beauty and nature…

Rise of The New Dawn Print

Rise of The New Dawn was inspired by the religious iconography of the Mother Mary. Surrounded by a crown of stars and illuminated in light, Rise of The New Dawn shows us that the yoni is the Divine vessel. A portal of light and the gateway of creation, She is the Holy Grail.


Golden Falena Original Artwork

Original Artwork
31cm (W) x 22cm (H) x 0.1cm (D)

Watercolour Paint and metallic gold ink on paper – Unframed

Golden Falena was inspired by the beauty of the Elephant Hawk Moth and the beautiful Bearded Iris.

Honey Bee Queen Print

The Honey Bee Queen has golden honey dripping from her fingers. She is the sun Goddess, representing fertility, sexuality, community and celebration.

Painted with watercolour and ink on paper. Honey bee queen has been printed on 100% cotton rag fine art watercolour paper, made for the finest giclee prints.

Earth Lines Yoni Art Print – watercolour vulva painting

Earth Lines yoni art creation was filmed and can be seen on my yoni tube channel

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I have never felt so beautiful in my entire life. Katie is a gifted artist and I recommend her to everyone open and ready for her art.
Chrysalis vulva yoni


What Katie does is what the world needs

"She was so professional, kind, and respectful at all times. She takes her job very seriously. I could feel humility, genuine love, and a sacred sense of honor flowing from her. Taking that step to have Katie paint me was one of the most empowering things I’ve ever done."

Purple and orange vulva portrait watercolour Yoni art by Katie Lloyd


A celebration of love

"Katie was really helpful at each step to clarify what kind of painting I wanted to offer to my wife and very careful in all the creation process. Both of us really like the paintings, beautiful paper and colors, a new way to catch how beautiful this part of us is."

Goddess yoni painting in purple and yellow in watercolour by Katie Lloyd



"Getting a custom yoni painting was very empowering. Katie was lovely to work with, super friendly, helpful and obviously super talented. I'm very happy with the end result and will definitely consider more custom art in the future!"


A peek inside the artist studio

I Look Down There

Look Down There Episode 8 In this podcast I talk with Michelle L'Amour about art, empowerment and censorship

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