In Indian religions and tantric philosophy, the Yoni or Vagina (as its commonly called) represent the Goddess Shakti.  It is the origin of life and the female orgasm as the energizing principle of the universeThe image of the Yoni or vagina is, therefore, one to be worship as one would worship or honor the Goddess or a deity.

Back in the western world, we call it the vagina or vulva, pussy, cunt and yes, a Yoni. Correctly speaking, the vulva is the external opening and the vagina is the internal passage. The term Yoni refers to the external, internal and full reproductive system including the ovaries, uterus, and womb.

Within a painting, the vulva is painted but also the energetic essence of the woman is represented in full color. Her goddess energy.

It is the doorway we pass through when we are conceived when we are born. Then again during sexual pleasure. The source of sexual pleasure for both men and women, the Yoni is a temple of worship, it is the seat of feminine sexual energy and overflows with beauty and unique goddess energy.

Sculpture or statue of a goddess

Yoni portraits are a celebration of women and a portrait of self-love where we can worship it in all its uniqueness.

Big or small labia, thick or thin, dark or light, hairy or hairless, innies or outies. They are all beautiful. And they are all perfect, a celebration of a woman’s difference.