Sex Magick – How to use your orgasm and sexual energy to manifest your dreams

Practiced alone or together, Sex Magick is the ultimate manifestation tool.

What is Sex Magick and how do I do it?

Sex Magick ritual is the practice of directing your orgasmic energy towards intentional conscious manifestation. If you want to manifest a new job/ home/ lover of your dreams with Sex Magick? This is how to do it….Fast!

Setting your sacred space

To begin, It’s important to be comfortable and feel safe in your environment. Ensure you are somewhere you can keep your focus and remain safe from unexpected visitors. Where would you like to perform your ritual? Where is magical for you? Your bedroom, outside in the sunshine, under the moon? Somewhere you feel sacred, sensual and powerful is a good choice. 

Burning some oils, incense, or sage and playing some music might help you relax into your sacred space. Of course, this all depends on the amount of time that you have available. In my bedroom, I have some yoni crystals, candles and some yoni art on the wall. For me yoni art signifies being witnessed by the Goddess. It helps me feel connected to into the universal flow of the Divine Feminine.

How to get started

Get comfortable and take a few deep breaths, letting the energy of the day settle and everything else drift away, coming into the now.

With eyes closed and laying back, if it is comfortable for you, touch the souls of your feet together, knees bent and rest them gently on the bed or earth. Where ever is practical for you. Putting one hand on your heart and the other on your yoni or sacral chakra (the womb area between your yoni and belly button).

Take some more deep breaths, tuning into the quiet darkness of your womb, belly or yoni. I visualise this space as a dark cauldron or a magical cave. Knowing this area is like a portal to the manifestation energy of the Divine.

Male bodied folk can do this too! Every body has a belly and sacral chakra. Sex magick is for everyone.

What do you want to bring in?

Focus your intention on what you are wanting to manifest and bring into your life. See it in your mind’s eye, hear what it would sound like, feel it with your senses, taste it if you can. Make it as real in this moment as it can be.

Embody the feeling of having this desire and feel the joy it brings to your life. Ask that it manifest for you, if it is for the highest good for you, and in free will and highest good for those around you.

Sex magick for one or two

Sex Magick can be practised alone, or with a lover. When my partner and I practice sex magick, we like to focus on what we want to call in individually, and then say it out loud.

If one of us is calling in a manifestation the other also wants, the other might call out YES in excitement! Or repeat it, building up the energy for this to come to both of us!!   You can feel the energy building and rising!! It’s happening! 

If you are practicing on your own, you can call out what you want to bring in or say it to yourself, whatever feels more powerful and true for you.…. Get excited now, you are about to channel sacred orgasmic energy into its creation and manifestation. Orgasmic Bliss!!!!

Raising your orgasmic energy

Now, is the time to raise your orgasmic energy to devote to your manifestation. There are lots of ways to do this… You can self-pleasure on your own, self-pleasure together (each of you focusing on your own pleasure through masturbation), or make love to each other. The main point here is that you are focusing on what you are calling in while you are building your orgasmic Sex Magick energy. 

The big O

Try to keep focus on your intention in the throes of passion, even in the back of your mind, when you are reaching the point of climax, keep your focus on what you are manifesting as much as possible. You might like to say out loud or murmur your intention (what ever is possible) in your full-powered orgasmic sounds. This is really amping up the power behind your intention.

Feel the release of your manifestation magic releasing up and out into the universe. It is being propelled by your supercharged orgasmic bliss! And will be manifested into being to come back to you in reality. Say ‘this or something better manifests for me now!!. It is done, It is done, It is done.’ 

Revel in the bliss and witnessing

Take some time now to revel in the beautiful sensations running through your body, spend some sacred time with your lover, or with yourself. Feel the softness of your/their skin, listen to the music… Spend some time eye gazing and honouring your lover or spending time in the sacred space you created for your Sex Magick ritual.

Want to learn more about Sex Magick ritual??

I first learned about sex magick back in the ’90s after reading the book ‘Witch’ written by Iconic Aussie witch and rock star Fiona Horne. Click here to check out her site.

If you would like to pick up some sacred yoni art for your alter or sacred space, have a look at the prints I have below or head on over to my shop.

Written by Katie Lloyd Artist – Yoni Power Art. 


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