Lesbian Pride Flower Painting Original Artwork


Watercolour & Ink on paper

33 x 40 cm – Framed



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Frames are available as an optional extra for the below sizes. Select No Frame to skip the framing option.

Frames are available in black, white, natural.


This vibrant painting is part of a series of Queer flag influenced artworks, celebrating the Lesbian community through the Lesbian Pride flower artwork. Inspired by the vibrant colors of the Lesbian Pride flag, this piece showcases luscious depth of color and rich symbolism, making it a striking representation of the Lesbian community.

The carefully chosen peony and rose blooms within watercolour painting represent the yoni, symbolising the strength and beauty of womanhood.

The triangle shape, once a symbol of shame and oppression, has been reclaimed as a powerful representation of queer liberation and self-identity, beautifully captured in the Lesbian Pride flower artwork.




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